This May Be Causing Your Weight Gain

negative self-talkDo you look at yourself in the mirror and see extra pounds? Are you complaining to friends about your big thighs or your love handles? Stop with the negative self-talk. Thinking of yourself as overweight could turn into a self-fulfilling prophecy.

U.K. based researchers found that those who believed themselves to be overweight were ore likely to gain weight, according to a 2015 study in the International Journal of Obesity. The study also showed that those who consider themselves overweight were more prone to binge or stress eating.

How to you change your negative self-talk?

  • Monitor your self-talk and catch yourself when you start to use “don’t” or “I can’t” at the start of each sentence.
  • Reframe the negatives and replace it with positives.
    • The key to do this successfully is to first don’t ignore that the is some degree of concern in your mind. Instead acknowledge that there is a real challenge in the situation but commit to thinking about the challenge from a different, more positive perspective.
    • Try to have a replacement thought ready that you have practiced or rehearsed before.
  • Write positive words and phrases on sticky notes and post them everywhere you frequent, your car, computer, bathroom mirror and refrigerator.
  • Keep journal of the negative thoughts you have and then write a list of complimentary positive thoughts next to them.

Stopping your negative thoughts will help you all parts of your life, not just weight loss. Get back in charge of your life!

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