How To Master The Munchies

cravingsDo you find yourself craving foods that are not good for you? You promise yourself that you will just take one bite and the next thing you know you have eaten the whole thing!

The next time you have a craving dig a little deeper to find the source. For instance if you are salivating over a fizzy soda you may have a calcium deficiency, which can better be satisfied by broccoli, kale, legumes, turnip greens and other calcium rich veggies.

Healthy alternatives to 7 common cravings:

  • Red Meat.  Craving red meat could be a sign of an iron deficiency. You might want to consider beefing up your vitamin C intake to help your body absorb more iron.
  • Chocolate.  Consistent chocolate cravings can be caused by lack of magnesium.  Consider eating more whole grains, beans, nuts, seeds, fruit, greens and raw cacao nibs.
  • White bread, pasta and pastries.  If these are your weakness, you could have a chromium deficiency. Instead of loading up on carbs reach for romaine lettuce, grapes, apples, cinnamon, sweet potatoes, tomatoes or onions.
  • Salty snacks.  Salt cravings can mean a chloride deficiency or fluctuations in stress hormones. The chloride deficiency can be tempered with celery, tomato, olives, kelp or Himalayan sea salt. For the stress hormones try using all-natural remedies of exercise and meditation.
  • Cheese.  If you find yourself eating cheese at every meal, you have a cheese craving. It can be triggered by a calcium deficiency, which calls for sesame seeds, broccoli, legumes, kale and turnip greens. You may also be deficient in essential fatty acids, in which case you should include foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, such as flaxseeds, walnut, flax oil and chia seeds.
  • Bread.  Do you love your bread? Your brain may be telling you that you need more nitrogen. Time to consume more protein-rich foods such as nuts, seeds, grains, legumes and green leafy veggies.
  • Sweets.  Is you sweet tooth getting the better of you? You may be suffering from hypoglycemia, low blood sugar. Try curbing your cravings with high-fiber foods like beans, legumes, fresh fruit, whole grains or cinnamon.

If you think you have one of these deficiencies you should talk to your doctor to find out your next steps.

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