Can Your Water Do This?


Not just any water has all these benefits. I’m talking about Kangen Water. Besides improving your health, you can replace a lot of the products you use around the house and save money too with Kangen Water.

Here are a just a few of the things Kangen Water can do for you:

11.5 Kangen Water – Strong

  • GOOD NIGHT SLEEP: Drink 1/2-1 ounce of 11.5 before bedtime to help release Melatonin for a great night sleep.
  • MAKE UP REMOVER: Spray on eyes to dissolve and remove make up.
  • ALLERGIES, COLD SYMPTOMS, SNORING: Use as a nasal wash when sinuses are plugged. Due to the reduction in inflammation of nasal passages this technique can also reduce snoring!
  • HEARTBURN, INDIGESTION, FOOD POISONING, STOMACH FLU: Drink . cup FRESH 11.5 immediately followed by 25 ounces of 9.5 then do not eat or drink anything for 45 minutes. Repeat the next day only if necessary.
  • ARTHRITIS, GOUT, MUSCLE SORENESS OR TISSUE INJURIES:  Since high alkalinity draws out acids, you can utilize 11.5 to soak in to “pull out” acids associated with inflammation, injury and pain.
  • FRUITS & VEGGIES: Soak for a minimum of 5 minutes to clean off pesticides.
  • MEATS: Soak all for 5 to 10 minutes for cleaning and tenderizing.
  • LAUNDRY SOAP: Use 1 to 2 quarts per load in place of laundry soap. Works beautifully for greasy smells like Fast-food Restaurant work clothes.
  • CLEAN OVEN, CLOGGED SINKS & TUBS, REPLACE 409 CLEANER & DRANO: Clean with a scratch pad. Replaces 409 cleaner when dissolving grease and grime in kitchen. Use instead of Drano or other chemicals for clogged sinks and bathtubs.

2.5 Kangen Water: Strong Acid

  • KILL ALL MICROBES: Pre-rinse all fruits, vegetables and meat and let sit for one minute before soaking in 11.5. This will kill all microbes. Will kill MRSA and infections.
  • DISINFECTING: Use for disinfecting anything.
  • ANTI-BACTERIAL SOAP: Use in place of anti-bacterial soap.
  • BRUSH & GARGLE, RESOLVE PERIODONTAL DISEASE & THRUSH, PREVENT ROOT CANALS: Wait one minute and then rinse with 9.5 water for 30 seconds to restore the natural pH. This procedure will prevent or resolve periodontal disease & thrush, & avoid root canals.
  • FACIAL LIFTING & TIGHTENING: Spray face and neck (not eyes) and rub skin upward until dry. Finish with Beauty Water to tone skin.
  • SORE THROAT, STREP THROAT, COUGH: Gargle 3-4 times per day or put in spray bottle and spray into throat.

Beauty Water – pH is similar to rain water

  • FACIAL SOAP: Clean face twice a day. Spray after cleaning.
  • HAIR CONDITIONER: Spray hair after showering as this conditions your hair. Try not to use conditioner of any kind as this coats the hair.
  • RASHES, DIAPER RASH: Spray on skin to soothe and heal rashes, including diaper rash.
  • PETS: Bathe pets for more lustrous coats.
  • PLANTS: Water indoor and outdoor plants for vigorous growth. Can revive dying plants.
  • FABRIC SOFTENER: Use in rinse cycle during laundry. One gallon per load.
  • REPLACE WINDEX: Replace all window and mirror cleaners with Beauty Water.
  • HARDWOOD FLOORS & CERAMIC TILE: For polishing and housecleaning: hardwood floors, ceramic tiles, etc.

8.5 to 9.5 Kangen Water

  • WEIGHT LOSS: Drink before you snack and before meals…wait 30 minutes and eat meal or if still hungry eat snack…most folks are so dehydrated that their thirst mechanism is so weak, that they think they are hungry.
  • GREY HAIR: Often can return original hair color.
  • SPIDER VEINS: Over time of drinking the water and cell repairing, spider veins can improve.
  • AROMATHERAPY/SPRITZER: Put any herb like rosemary or lavender in a spray bottle filled with Kangen water, let set for a couple of hours and use as a spritzer in your house for aroma therapy and an air freshener.

By now you see the health benefits of Kangen Water for you and your family. Connect with me here to learn how you can have a Kangen Water machine in your house for about $35 a month.

Here’s to your health,


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