7 Ways to Stay Motivated to Exercise and Lose Weight

justpullyourshitDo you give yourself permission to not exercise and overeat because of the holiday’s? I know I do! If you are struggling to stick with your weight loss or exercise program, here are 7 ways to stay motivated no matter what time of year:

1.  Look Back Into Your Past

Think back to your previous attempts at losing weight or exercising. Ask yourself, What made you quit before and are you on the same path now? Are you in the same pattern as before, it so break it by figuring out what went wrong before.

  • A diet that was too strict or difficult to follow
  • Feeling deprived of your favorite foods
  • Feeling tried and sore from your workouts
  • Being so busy, you can’t figure out or to fit it all in

Figure out how to get around your issues. If the diet is too strict, make smaller changes you can live with every day. Too busy, try shorter workouts. Change what you are doing until it works.

2.  Change Doesn’t Happen Overnight

It took you longer than overnight to gain the weight, why would you think you could lose it that faster than you gained it!  There are not shortcuts to weight loss so, even if you’re frustrated that your body hasn’t changed, don’t give up. Make sure your goals are realistic and give your body the time it needs to respond to what you’re doing. It can be weeks, even months before changes start to show.

3.  Get Pumped Up

We all get a spurt of motivation at the beginning of each new year and it carries us through the first few weeks of a workout and diet plan. However, we soon lose our energy and just give up. Before you do, try this:

  • Look at your goals – Do they still mean something to you?
  • Think about how far you have come. Are you stronger or faster? Do you feel better about yourself? What has improved in you life.
  • Change things up for variety. Try changing your workout schedule or trying something new to stay interested in exercise.

4. Reward Yourself

Give yourself a treat when you have completed your exercise goal.  Here are a few idea:

  • Buy some new workout gear
  • Do a weekend getaway
  • Buy that new book or son you’ve been wanting
  • Get a massage once a month

5.  Open Your Mind

Getting bored with your routine. Try something new, belly dancing, latin dance class, yoga, Pilates, or spinning class. If what you are doing isn’t working, time to find something that will.

6.  Track Your Progress

Stay motivated by looking back on how far you’ve come. Keeping a simple calendar of the workouts you’ve done give you something tangible you can look at, adding up all the days you exercised. Also writing down your accomplishments may give you that extra push you need to get moving.

7.  Have Consequences

If you don’t do your workouts, these should be a consequence. Have someone hold you accountable or take away something you enjoy until you get back on track. You can also think of the long-term consequences of not exercising:

  • Gaining weight
  • Feeling bad about yourself
  • Possible health problems
  • Lower quality of life
  • Not being a good role model for your family
  • Not being able to do all the things you enjoy


Here’s to your health,

Lori Wilkinson

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